Rules & Regulations

  • From each college maximum one team can participate.
  • Students will participate as teams where each team will consist of a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 5 student participants, as student entrepreneurs.
  • Each participating student can be a part of only one team.
  • Minimum number of slides 5 & maximum 10 slides
  • Each team will have a Leader who will register on team’s behalf and will represent along with the team.
  • Any substitutions may lead to the disqualification of the team.
  • In case some team members are unable to participate for some reason, the team should have a minimum of 2 (two) students to be eligible for participating in the Final Presentation Round
  • Decisions of Judges shall be final and binding on all teams and no objections shall be entertained.
  • Non-compliance of this rule is grounds for disqualification.

Round 1

        Presentation (New Startup Idea Pitching)

Round 2

Business idea – Plan Presentation

       Note:  Registration will be made by First come by first serve basis.