Navras aims to allure and inspire artists for showcasing their incredible talent through the expression of deepest and fascinating notions.

Rules and Regulations

  • Maximum 2 participants from each college.
  • Theme of the show- NINE RASAS
  • Participants can opt anyone of the nine rasas like –

           a)    श्रृंगार  (Love/Beauty),                      b)   हास्य (Laughter)

           c)    करुण  (Sorrow),                             d)    रौद्र (Anger)

           e)    वीर (Heroism/ Courage) ,               f)    भयानक   (Terror/fear)

           g)    वीभत्स (Disgust) ,                 h)     अदभुत (Surprise/Wonder)

           i)     शांत (Peace)

  • There will be three rounds:
  • Maun ( मौन)- Facial expression, dressing, body language
  • Samvaad ( संवाद)  -one minute conversation.
  • Final Round