Venue: Laxmi Devi Auditorium
Date & Time: 16th February, 2024,(Inaugural Ceremony) 2:00 pm onwards

Poetry  is a form of artistic expression. It inspires writers to use their imagination to bring bags of personality and flair to their work. It offers writers a platform to express themselves and focus on areas like character development, narrative, and storyline.

Rules for Poetry

  1. Themes:



1.      Language of Poems: Hindi or English

2.     Judgement criteria:

a.      Adherence to theme- 25 Marks

b.     Creativity and Originality- 25 Marks

c.      Coherence of form and structure (harmony of words, presentation)-25 Marks.

d.     Insights – a fresh way of looking at things, critical view of the subject- 25 Marks.

3.     Duration: 2 minutes max

4.     No plagiarism

5.     Only one entry consisting of 1 participant per institute is allowed.

6.     Don’t submit the poem anywhere else.

Don’t submit published work