The second category is folk dance which will reflect the life of the people of a certain     

    country or religion . Displaying the viscosity of the region and portraying the ritual dances  

    shattering all the geographical boundaries under one umbrella like Lavani from   

    Maharashtra or Kathakali from Kerala.

Rules and Regulations

(1) Only one entry per institution is allowed.

(2) Maximum 8-12 participants allowed per team. The team may consist of all boys, all girls or  

      a mixture of both.

(3) The dance should be a folk dance (Indian style) and not a classical one.

(4) Duration of dance should not be more than 10 minutes.

(5) Participants are required to bring performance song on P..D.

(6) The participating team will be responsible for removal of their sets/properties etc.,   

     immediately after the completion of their performance.

(7) Judgment will be based on rhythm, formation, expression, costumes, make-up,

      sets on overall effects.