Rules & Regulations

  • From each college maximum one participation
  • The participant must write an original rap verse/song based on the topic.
  • The performance must not exceed 4 minutes.
  • Artists must bring their own beat and prop to which they will rap.
  • The college shall provide a microphone, a speaker, and cables that are required.
  • The artist must not employ any explicit words in his/her lyrics.
  • Usage of offensive language, slurs is strictly prohibited.
  • Naming a particular person or a defined group of people (religions, castes etc.) is strictly prohibited.
  • Usage of any socially objectionable language is strictly prohibited.
  • The rap must either be in Hindi, English or Hinglish.
  • Decisions of Judges shall be final and binding on all teams and no objections shall be entertained.
  • Non-compliance of this rule is grounds for disqualification.

Round 1

Freedom of Speech and Expression

Round 2

Theme of your choice – With a Prop


 Registration will be made by First come by first serve basis.