Nukkad Natak – The street play creating awareness among the general public on a certain topic-AAJ KA LOKTANTRA/आज का लोकतंत्र  . It is a part of Theatre art which has been organised just to provide the best solutions to the extremely difficult areas. It is performed amongst wide range of public.

Rules and Regulations

(1) Only one team per institute will be allowed.

(2) Maximum number of 10 participants is allowed to participate in this item.

(3)  Maximum time allotted for each team is 10 minutes.

(4) Use of make-up, drapery and background music is allowed in skit. No personal remarks,   

     aspersions, character      assassination etc. is allowed.

(5) The item will be judged basically on the qualities like theme, work on acting, stage craft,

      design and general impression.

(6) Vulgarity or bitter insinuations in presentation is prohibited. Only innocent satire or  Humor is expected.